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How to make Interac e-Transfers to Cornerstone Community SDA Church

**E-transfer is done from your bank’s website, NOT via the Online Giving button on the church website.**

1. Please fill in the registration form below.  This step is only required ONCE.  Be sure to fill out all the requested information accurately, and completely.  

2. Login to your bank and initiate Interac e-Transfer. 

3. Enter name: Cornerstone Community SDA Church

4. Send to Email: etransfer@cornerstoneadventist.ca

5. ***In the Interac e-Transfer MESSAGE box, please specify Tithes & offering or Payment. When making a payment, specify what the payment is for.  When making Tithes & offering, give the breakdown of your Tithes & offering as you would on an offering envelope.***


e-Transfer Registration Form

PLEASE NOTE: This is REQUIRED.  Without registration, we will be unable to issue a tax receipt for any Tithes & offering made, and may be unable to apply payments as intended under certain circumstances.  Unallocated funds will be applied to Church Family Budget.




Adventist Giving allows you to return your Tithe and Offerings online while you are on a long business trip, on vacation, or even if you are unable to attend church. You may consult the online offering calendar to learn about the designated offering for each week in the current calendar year.  Visit AdventistGiving.ca to get started.



Cheque, Money Order or Bank Draft

You can always donate with cheque, money order or bank draft.  These can be mailed to our local church.  Please be sure to indicate how you wish to designate your Tithe and Offerings.  Our mailing address is listed on the Contact Us page.


For more information, please email treasurer@cornerstoneadventist.ca

Charity Registration # 106693047 RR 0057